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Hey, you! Want to find out more?

This community hasn't been updated since 2009, but somehow, it's still at the top of the search results for Stonewall Japan! Looking for up-to-date information? Check out our new platforms:

Website: https://stonewalljapan.wordpress.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/stonewalljapan/

Tumblr: https://stonewalljapan.tumblr.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/StonewallJapan

If you would like to get in touch, you may also email us at stonewallsig@ajet.net

See you there!

Stonewall Japan Web Team 2016-2017

Naked Man Festival 2009

The time has come, lovelies, to send in reservations for a spot on the buses and also put your name down for the Annual Pre-Naked Man Stonewall dinner (tabe/nomihoudai, probably) beforehand. Get on it, sharpish, people.

We need to know a rough estimate of numbers for the dinner asap, so please send an email to stonewalljapan@ gmail.com if you would like to come.

Below are the full and complete details from Richard, the fabulously gay OkaJET President.

Every year on the third Saturday of February, the town of Saidaiji in Okayama Prefecture hosts one of the most popular and famous hadaka matsuri (naked festivals) in Japan. In English, it is commonly called "Naked Man." Thousands of men, dressed only in fundoshi, similar to the "diapers" worn in sumo, brave the winter cold to participate in a tradition hundreds of years old.

The participants, of which there were 9000 in 2007, run around the temple grounds, periodically passing through purifying water. As midnight nears and steam rises from the now quite warmed-up throngs of "naked men," more than ten thousand spectators wait for the lights to go out and shingi, lucky sticks, to be dropped into the crowd. For several intense minutes, the men struggle for the shingi, attempting to be one of the lucky few to make it off the temple grounds intact and holding the prize.

An article about 2007's event:

For foreign residents of Japan it is a legendary and oft-attended event. Turnout is always high and a good time is had by all. Okayama's AJET chapter has won the National AJET award for best multi-prefecture event three years in a row for Naked Man, and we intend to make it four this year with the highest turnout ever.

That's where you come in. We want you and everyone you know to come with us to experience one of the most uniquely Japanese events around. This event is open to everyone interested in coming along with us: JETs, Japanese people, friends, lovers, and enemies.

When and Where

Saturday, February 21 on the west side of Okayama Station. The runners bus will be boarding at 7pm sharp. The spectators will board one hour later at 8pm. Don't worry if you aren't familiar with the area. We will provide phone contacts and maps at a later date.


The price for spectators is 3000 yen (2500 for Okayama AJET members). This gets you a ride to the event and back to Okayama station, as well as a ticket to a good place to watch the action.

The price for "runners" is 2000 yen (1500 for Okayama AJET members) This gets you a ride to the event and back, plus of course the expert guidance of the AJET volunteers. We haven't lost anyone yet! Runners will also need 3000 to 4000 yen pocket money to pay for your fundoshi and tabi, as well as someone to expertly jam it up your oshiri in true Japanese style. You might also want money for "refreshments."

RSVP and Payment

If you would like to make a reservation, email nakedman2009@gmail.com You may reserve for yourself and as many other people as you like. In the email please include name(s), type of participation for each person (spectator or runner), and your location if you are coming from outside of Okayama Prefecture. When we receive your email we will send a confirmation within a day or so. When you have received my confirmation please pay by postal furikomi.

Our account information is as follows:
Account #: 15420-14842081
Account name: AJET Okayama Shibu or AJET 岡山支部

All reservations and payment are due Saturday, February 7. No exceptions.

Other Information

If you have any questions please contact us at nakedman2009@gmail.com We encourage everyone to get a big group together from their areas, AJET groups, friends, teaching staff, etc. Get your PE teacher to show off just how tough he really is.

Please note that no person with a tattoo, even if it is covered up by bandages etc should apply to be a runner. The temple who holds the event's rule, not ours.

This year like every year there will be an AJET Stonewall event before the festival for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered participants. If you'd like more information please contact us at nakedman2009@gmail.com. This year the Stonewall coordinators and Okajet will be working together on this joint event.

We will be sending further information in the coming weeks.

Good luck and ganbatte!
Okayama AJET Committee

- Stonewall Japan

Kagawa Rainbow Film Festival

That's right. Kagawa, infamous smallest prefecture in Japan, already disadvantaged by being on the only island in Japan that makes Okayama look like the bright lights and big city, has a LGBTALPHABETSPAGETTI film festival. And it's this weekend. On Sunday to be precise. So for anyone who is interested, me and Jon will be in attendance. There is a website - it's all in Japanese, but the general gist is that tickets are 1000 yen for 1 or 2500 for 3 if bought in advance through the Lawsons ticketing system, or 1200 yen for 1 and 3000 for 3 if bought on the day. If you haven't yet been to Shikoku, this is an excellent reason to go! The festival is actually being held in a building that is directly outside Takamatsu station, so it's very easy to get to.

Kagawa Rainbow Film Festival Website

Osaka Update!

For those who have forgotten, the Osaka night out is this saturday! We has infos!


Meeting Place: Shinsaibashi Subway Station, Crysta Nagahori exit (exit 2, we think)
Meeting Time: 7:00PM
Potential dinner: Yakitori, Okonomiyaki, or Izakaya-fun

For bar/clubs/Doyama goodness
Meeting Place: JR Osaka Station, Midosuji Gate by ticket machine (NOT Midosuji Subway station. THOUGH subway exits are near JR Midosuji Gate. Follow signs)
Meeting Time: 10:00PM

Our contact info:


If you get lost, have questions, or ... whatever, give us a call or send us a mail!

The Sapporo Rainbow March!

The Sapporo Rainbow March is Hokkaido's major Pride event of the year, and it's being held on Sept 14th at 1pm. If anybody wishes to organise a Stonewall trip, let us know - it's unfortunately too far for me and Jon to be there. The details are here:

Sapporo Rainbow March

Osaka Welcome Party!

Ok, so after the fun and frolics of Tokyo Orientation for you new JETs, we have our first event - a night out in Osaka!

Here's a message from kyokiyuki:

Now, it's simple... and regionally biased (our apologies to the extreme north and south). An Osaka Night Out in the gay-lands. Doesn't really involve much, to be honest. A bunch of Stonewallers, going out together, having fun. Some of you have probably been to Osaka, while some of you haven't. That means, we can stick together, break off, whatever. What it does though is give us the opportunity to congregate at least briefly and get to know each other a little better!

So, the idea:

Osaka Night Out
Date: Saturday, Sept. 6th
Time: 7:00PM to whenever you can crawl back to a train or hostel or
love hotel. :D
Place: Um... Osaka. Doyama. Maybe even Shinsaibashi and/or Ame-mura. The Gaylands, as I like to call them. Whatever floats your boats, guys.

Two notes:

Dinner: We can and would love to do a group dinner for anyone who might be there. What that means though is RESERVATIONS. haha. yeah. So, if you're interested in doing a dinner with Fi and I, and some other Stonewallers, let me know!

Global Kiss: Sept. 6th is the first weekend/Saturday of the month, meaning that Explosion, one of the gay clubs, will be holding their monthly event, Global Kiss. Usually a decently sized party/event, it's lady-friendly and plays an overwhelming amount of techno. Which is to be expected.

So, everyone --

Thoughts? Seem lovely to you? It does to us! Post here, or mail to stonewalljapan@gmail.com. Thanks!

Jon and Fi

PS. Likewise, to the various regions of Japan -- we would like for you too to have something to go to as a first regional Stonewall event. If any of you have any great ideas, or places for a good gay night out, please let us know. ^_^


So, join us! Fags, friends, queers, peers - anyone is welcome to come to Osaka and join us for some good times!

Stonewall Japan goes viral

As discrete websites have a tendency to get neglected due to a lack of technical expertise, we've taken a more web 2.0 viral approach - we're on a host of different social networks and groups, rather than off on our own little obscure site. We aim to be in the places where people are. At the moment, you can find us:

On LJ: Stonewall Japan
On Facebook: **Stonewall Japan**
On Friendster: Stonewall Japan
On Google Groups: Stonewall Japan

Coming soon: On Myspace

Welcome to Stonewall!

This is the new community for Stonewall, JET's LGBT group, and it's yours to use as you please. Ask questions, chat, write articles - go nuts!

I'm doublenatural, one of the new Stonewall organisers. I've been around on lj for a while, so feel free to friend my personal lj. The other organiser is kyokiyuki, who needs a good prod back into using lj, so go give him one!

We'll be using the community to announce upcoming events and trips, so watch this space!